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THE COMPANY / Presentation

PERFECT FINISH was established on November 4, 1994, with the goal of creating a company that would offer cutting-edge technology in furniture paints and varnishes.

Over the course of its commercial operations, the Company has managed to assemble the human resources and technical means necessary to ensure a continued development of the entire production process, thus safeguarding a high level of manufacturing quality, technical support and servicing as well as top-notch marketing of its products.

Currently, due to its high level of expertise in pigmented varnishes, PERFECT FINISH occupies a prominent place in the sectors that require extreme technical performance of the purchased products, such as bathroom furniture, kitchen cabinets and internal doors.

PERFECT FINISH is an integrated company in the Valresa group, which gives us a high technical, logistical and production support to meet the needs of today's market.

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